Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Class Pages

To finish our seaside week we made some seaside arts and crafts!

This afternoon we had a visit from the ice cream van!

This morning we went on paint on the laptops and created some seaside pictures

Today in PE we have been skipping 😀 at the start we were all a bit negative but once we started saying ‘I can do it!’… we did it!

This week we went on the laptops. We searched images of different flowers using Google Chrome.

How stunning are our seaside collages?!

We had a real treat this afternoon. As the Year Two children were on a trip we got their dance session with Courtney!

This afternoon in science we explored trees! We went to the wildlife to identify different trees and used a fabulous app on the iPads that recognised different types of trees by just taking a photograph of the leaves.

This week in Computing we learnt how to make a table, ready for our Geography lesson.

Today in PE we worked on some races ready for Sports Day!

We had such a fun afternoon eating our lighthouse keeper's lunch on the playground!

We even made jam sandwiches for our very own lighthouse keeper's lunch!

Today we made buns ready for our very own lighthouse keeper's lunch

Have a read of our newsletter to see what we will be doing in the final term of Year One!

How amazing are our animal finger puppets?!

In Art we used clay to create 3D animals. Can you guess what animals we made?

This week in Science we went to the wildlife garden and made woodlouse houses!

Today we have been using Microsoft Word to type some writing. We then got so excited at it coming out of the printer!

This week in gymnastics we worked on four, three and two part balances.

This week in gymnastics we created a sequence with our partners. We used all the shapes we have learnt over the past two week.

As we planted the sunflower seeds kindly given to us from Morrisons, we thought we could create some gorgeous artwork based on the beautiful flower.

This week we filmed our video for our spring musical! We performed to three 'Madness' songs and had so much fun!

In gymnastics this week we worked on the shapes straddle, pike and tuck.

In science we have been looking at animal classification. We completed a range of activities to help us learn about mammals, fish, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

This afternoon in science we went up to the wildlife garden to make observational drawings of the different flora and fauna we could find up there.

In art we have been sketching different animals. Can you guess what they all are?

In PE we have been looking at different balances. We learnt the balances called... cup, saucer, skydive and arch. Can you guess which is which?

This afternoon in art we used a variety of art media to create different animal patterns.

Our topic this half term is animals... So we have all come to school dressed as our favourite animal!

Today we have been recording our songs for the Spring musical! We felt like real popstars!

This morning we have been outside in the allotment digging up the weeds from the winter.

Red Nose Day 2021

In Science we looked at how potatoes grow and then we made our own wedges!

This week in maths we have been using a number line to work out a range of addition number sentences.

We love our Tuesday dance sessions with Courtney!

Onesie upon a time...

WOW! What a fun morning we have had on our Zoom call with Mr Motivator!

In Maths this week we have been measuring the length of objects. First we used cubes as our non-standard measure and then we moved onto using rulers and centimetres.

Today we sketched pictures of aeroplanes and used watercolour paints to colour them in.

We had a really cool zoom meeting with the Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Robin Windsor today! He taught us some steps for the cha cha, salsa and disco!

We made Valentine's Day cards for some of the people we love <3 (some of us even sent them to the amazing teachers we have in school)

We love our fun and active PE sessions!

This week in maths we are learning how to write numbers as words

In Science we tested objects around the room to see if they were magnetic.

We followed a 'how to draw' video and drew these cool pictures of a steam train and then we used watercolour paint to make them bright!

In Art this week we looked at some of the artwork by Paul Klee. We noticed he used lots of shapes and bright colours, so we followed his style of art to make our college trains.

Look at our junk model cars!

In Art we used small world cars, trains and tractors to create patterns with their tyres.

Year 1 had a very exciting zoom call with Santa and then a magical visit from his elves!

Christmas play

In drama we have been thinking about our emotions and how we can show them through our facial expressions and our body language.

We had a really exciting morning last week when we recorded our songs for the Christmas play. We felt like real popstars!

We made beaded African necklaces

African drumming

Handa's Surprise - after working really hard for the last two weeks the Year One children had a wonderful day drawing and tasting fruit from the story!

We made our very own African necklaces

Children in Need 2020

We made our very own Flanders Field for Remembrance Day

We love working on number formation!

This week in literacy we have been writing riddles about African animals. Can you read the riddles and guess the animal?

Look at these beautiful African sunset and animal silhouette pictures the children have done today using pastels!

This half term in Year 1 we will be looking at the continent Africa.


We will be exploring some African artwork using pastels, cutting skills, pen work and painting. We will also be looking at the animals that live in Africa to help us with our writing. We will be comparing a small town in Kenya to Worksop and thinking about what is similar and different about these two places.


Keep your eyes peeled for the amazing work we do! 

In RE we have been looking at churches. We looked at stained glass windows and had a go at making our own!

Dance Tuesdays!

This week we have been sketching the Priory church in Worksop. We used sketching pencils and looked carefully at all of the details we needed to sketch.


We love using a variety on maths equipment in our lessons to help us learn :)

Thank you to this little girl and her family for growing their own fruit and vegetables and bringing them into school for the children to taste!

On Tuesdays we have dance with Courtney! We put some funky music on and learn some new dance routines! Look at our cool dance moves :)

We made some crazy self-portraits using magazines! We had so much fun making these, we could not stop laughing!

Self-portraits :)

In Year One we love maths! We have been working on counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20.

We have been exploring the human life cycle. We looked at baby and toddler photographs of ourselves and wrote about things we did during that time.

We read the book 'Here We Are' and created handprint Earths for people who mean the world to us!

In Year One this term we are learning all about ourselves :) 

Click the link below to see the planning for the year group.