Topic home learning

Week commencing 16.11.20

Computing: coding
(This will take a few sessions to complete and so will run over a few weeks)


Log into your purplemash account and search for 'leaflet coding planner' and click on the app. 

Design your own game thinking about:

  • purpose
  • audience
  • scoring system
  • lives
  • timers


Once done make sure you save your work to your class folder. After complete the 'functions' lesson. 


After you have completed the 'functions' lesson you need to follow the 'Making a timer and scoreboard in 2Code' instructions using 'Free code gorilla'. 


Once you have completed these lessons (ensure you save them so your teacher can check!) you need to open the Free code gorilla app and you can begin to create and code your own game. Following your design

Making a timer and scoreboard

Democracy in Britain

WW2 history week 2

Previous weeks work below:

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