Topic home learning

Week 3 - w/b 23rs November - Building your fairground Ride

Your challenge is to build your fairground ride using any materials you have at home available to you!  Carboard boxes, crafting supplies, old toys, please check with your parents first though!!!  Can you make your ride have moving parts?  Can you decorate your ride in the traditional style? 

RE - w/b 23.11 - Recap last week’s lesson briefly, e.g. What is a shrine? Who prays at a shrine? What items would you see in a shrine? Discuss how you might prepare for the visit of a special guest. How do we try to make people feel welcome? Explain that Hindus treat the images of the gods and goddesses in their shrines like extra-special guests: they are respected, cared for, talked to, offered food and kept clean. Why do you think this might be? Hindus believe they can serve God through loving devotion to their chosen deity. Ask the children what they think ‘loving devotion’ means. Watch the entire video clip Inside a Hindu Temple Explain family members often worship together at the home shrine and rituals should strictly speaking be performed three times a day. Complete the activity - Items from a shrine - matching the items from the shrine to the correct name label. (If you can't print it, just write the matching pairs))

The spellings we will be testing on Friday 27th November are the Aut 2 Week 3 spellings on the tabs at the bottom of the XL document.

Week Beginning 16.11.20

Draw a labelled diagram of your circuit and mechanism to work your ride. Draw a labelled diagram of what your ride will look like. Use the powerpoint and previous knowledge of circuits to help you.

Week Beginning 9.11.20

Learn about the work of Fred Fowle and Edwin Hall and then create a sign for a fairground ride in a similar style.

The spellings we will be testing on Friday 13th November are the Aut 2 Week 1 spellings on the tabs at the bottom of the XL document.

We are going to look at how fairground rides are made. After watching all the powerpoint can you draw a diagram of a fairground ride that uses a motor and label all the parts?

Why are friends so special? What are the qualities you look for in a friend? Lets have a look at all the things that make friendships important to us and what we can do if we have a disagreement.