Sycamore Class

Botanical Artwork inspired by Georgia O'keefe!

As we focus on the impact of WW2 on the people of Worksop we are starting our half term sharing these books as a class.

Worksop based artwork using water colours, pen and ink, markers, charcoal, fine liner and Jackson Pollock inspired paint splatters.

We have been creating stunning poetry based on a famous speech by Martin Luther King Junior!

Please take a look at some extracts from poetry made by our class below. See if you can spot the metaphors we created. 




'I have a vision...

A vision that one day, all people will live in harmony

That one day the rapids of injustice will be a calm smooth stream of fairness'




'I have a plan....

A plan to craft a world where noone is left out and noone is sat at the side of the playground.

A plan that from a seed of hope, we can grow a beautiful flower garden of peace.

A plan that from the twisted thorns of fear a rod bush of love can blossom. '



'I have a hope.... 

A hope for a world where everyone feels loved. 

I hope that as a community we can make the world of today better for the people of tomorrow.

I hope that from a tiny spark of friendship we can light an inferno of unity'


We hope you agree with Mr Walker that our work is beautiful and so we have displayed these around school to help to spread our positive message to everyone at our school. 


Sycamore classroom