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We've had a very busy 1st term learning about 'All The Fun Of The Fair' and have enjoyed learning lots of new skills and knowledge. Here's a little video of some of the fun and learning we've done and we are very proud of everything we've learned and achieved.

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In our last Science lesson for our topic on 'States Of Matter' we learned about the water cycle. We created posters explaining how water evaporates because of heat from the Sun, then condensates as it cools and forms clouds before the water droplets fall back to Earth as precipitation and the cycle starts again.
We have finished our fairground rides and fitted the electric circuits and switches to make them work. We worked well in our teams and felt really proud when we got them working. We learned that we needed to be very accurate to get everything working together. We remembered and used lots of the Electricity knowledge we learned last half term in Science to problem solve and get our rides working when they didn't work straight away.
In our PE lesson with Denise, we played a game that helped us practise our throwing skills and awareness skills. The aim of the game was to hit the big ball from behind each teams line to move it over the opposite teams line to score a point. We had to aim the ball carefully, check it was safe to throw and then carefully retrieve a ball without getting hit by a ball!
In DT we have been starting to construct our fairground rides that we designed. We have been making the mechanism that will allow the ride to move and started work on the top and the parts people would ride on. Following the plans we made can be quite tricky and we have learned that being accurate is very important.

In our Drama lesson we worked in groups to act out a short poem about a snowball. Ask us what happened in the poem and we're sure it will make you giggle!

We have started to think about our designs for the fairground rides we're going to make in our DT lessons. We talked about the design for our circuit that is going to power the ride and then looked at how we could make the mechanism that will drive the ride and make it turn round. We drew diagrams and labelled all the different components that we will use.
In our topic lesson we talked about what makes a good location for a fair. We decided there needed to be a large, flat open space, near to main roads so it was easy to get to and people could see it and have somewhere for people to park. We used Google maps to see if we could find a new, better location for the fair to visit. Why don't you you ask us where we thought the fair should go and why?
In science we learned how to build parallel circuits and why we needed to build this type of circuit to power both a bulb and a motor at the same time. We all worked really well in groups and managed to complete the Junior Electrician Challenge Miss Hemsall had set and all got to take a certificate home.
Now that we have learned a lot about electricity and circuits we were given a Junior Electrician Challenge to build a circuit that we will be able to use in our DT project next half term when we make our very own fairground rides. Our circuits had to have a component that moved and a component that lit up and the whole circuit had to be controlled by a switch. It was really tricky but we're hopefully ready to use our circuit designs in our fairground rides now!
In Art we learned about hot and cold colours. By adding red to yellow we were able to create a spectrum of hot colours and by adding blue to yellow we created a spectrum of cool colours.
In Science we have learned how to build a circuit to light a bulb. We investigated what happens when a circuit is complete and incomplete. After this we went on to test different materials to find out which were conductors and which were insulators.
In PE lesons, we have been learning athletics skills including running, jumping and throwing. We have pushed ourselves to run faster, jump higher and further and use different throwing techniques for throwing the discus, javelin and shot putt.
In Topic we carried out a Thinking Skill called Reading Images. We looked at a picture of a traditional fairground and considered questions about what we could see. We worked in small groups and enjoyed trying to work out what was happening in the picture.
In Art, we learned about primary colours and secondary colours.  We mixed our own colours using primary coloured paint to create our colour wheels. 
"Roll up, rollup!" In English we recorded some of the fantastic funfair barker calls that we've written this week. We included repetitive language, rhetorical questions and emotive language and exaggeration to make fairground visitors want to play the games.

We had an exciting surprise when the fair came to school! We were able to have a go at some traditional fun fair games and ask questions about different rides and games. We had an amazing time as you can see on the photos. We shared some of our favourite moments with each other and you can read some below.
“When I was on the buzz wire I nearly got to the end but I got three buzzes and was out!”
“My favourite game was the bell striker and it was really difficult for some people. Sometimes the fair man cheated and helped us!”
“I really liked the bell striker and I managed to hit the bell at the very top and I felt very happy.”
“My favourite game was the bell striker because it really tested your muscles.”
“I really liked the buzz wire because even though you only got 3 buzzes it was still really good fun. I got nearly all the way to end.”
“I really enjoyed the ball in a bucket game because I almost managed it but the ball spun back out! I was really impressed when Miss Hemsall managed to do the buzz wire all the way to the end without making it buzz!”
“I liked the bucket game because I got a ball in but it just came back out again.”
“I liked the bucket game because when you got the ball in, it spun around and looked really funny.”
“I liked the bell game because I was so close to the top. I got 90!!!”
“I really liked when Miss Hemsall was trying to do the ball in a bucket game because she couldn’t do it and it was funny.”
“I liked the bucket game because I kept getting the balls in the middle and they kept bouncing out.”
“My favourite was the ball game because it was fun trying to get the balls in the bucket.”


We used watercolour paints to create bright and colourful backgrounds for 'Amazing me' posters. Once the backgrounds were complete we added lots of information celebrating ourselves and showing all the things we are good at and our achievements.

Rowan classroom