20.9.21 This week in PSHE we are thinking about dares, risk-taking, safety and support networks. Read through 'Dan's Dare - storyline' and then answer the questions below:

  • What was Dan dared to do?
  • Were these dares ok, do you think?  Why / why not?
  • How did his friend Zak try to persuade him to do the dares?  What persuasive language did he use?
  • How did doing the dares make Dan feel?
  • Did he have to do them?
  • What could Dan have done differently?
  • How could he have stood up for himself?
  • Who could he have asked for help?

13.9.21 This week in PSHE we are working on problem solving to see if we can resolve situations for different scenarios. Click on the file below, choose a scenario and then see if you can answer the questions.