20.9.21 This week we will be practising our overarm throwing techniques for when we are a deep fielder in rounders. If you have the required equipment have a go at the following activites:

1 — Sock vs cardboard target 

If you are teaching a very young child to throw overhand for the first time, consider using a rolled up sock and a cardboard target.  A rolled up sock is easy to handle, is unlikely to break anything and won’t roll far after being thrown.  Make a cardboard target for the child to attempt to knock over.  You could also use a cardboard box placed on its side with a painted target in the bottom.


2 — Cardboard Javelin 

This is an excellent game for children who are trying to learn the mechanical process of throwing overarm.  To play this game, you will need:

  • An empty cardboard tube
  • String or twine
  • An outdoor area with two objects that the string can be tied to

Start by running the string through the cardboard tube.  Next, tie the string to two objects (trees work well) so it is forms a straight horizontal line with the cardboard tube running along it.  Children can then grasp the cardboard tube and see how far they can throw it along the line.

13.9.21 This week in PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills to help prepare us to play rounders in the coming weeks (weather permitting). Why not practise your throwing and catching skills at home with a sock ball if you don't have a small ball. 


How many times can you throw and catch your ball/sock without dropping it?

Can you throw your ball/sock in the air and clap? How many times can you do this without dropping it? 


Have fun!