Parking Safely Whilst Attending School


Being able to park in a safe manner around Primary Schools, at the beginning and the end of a school day, is a major problem in Worksop and is a key area of concern for us here at St Augustine’s School.

In the last 3 months we have received reports from parents of 2 near misses of adults and children and 1 accident causing actual injury to a parent.  These reports are involving cars driving on and off the footpath outside school and other poor parking in front of the school on Longfellow Drive.


We would urge you to carefully think about the dangers that parking on the footpath in this busy area poses to our children and to other pedestrians.


As a school we are working with the Council to resolve this problem but this will not happen overnight. Therefore, in the interest of safeguarding, we are asking that you refrain from parking in the marked area outside of school.


We would also ask that if you have been a victim of a near miss or an accident in this area in the last few months, or are in the future, to please leave your contact details with the school office. This will enable us to monitor issues more closely and strengthen our case for action by the Local Authority.


Please help us to keep your children safe both in and around school.


Many thanks,

The Staff and Governors of St Augustine’s School.