Feeling worried?

We have a special responsibility to keep all our children safe and listen to them if they have a problem they want to talk about.

You can talk to any adult in school who will help you. Any teacher, TA, midday or member of the office staff will be there to listen and to help.

Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Coupland are especially good at listening and helping, to both children and parents.

Miss. Baldwin, Mr. Houghton and Mrs. Selden are great listeners and will do all they can to help with any issues or problems.

You can see what they look like in pictures all around school.

You don't need anyone's permission to talk about your worries, and you have the right to talk to anyone you wish.


What we do to keep you safe


We respect all pupils as individuals and we do not tolerate bullying.

We make sure you are safe in school by keeping a close eye on all of you, by knowing about you and by making sure our building and grounds are safe places for you to be.

All your teachers and all the adults in school are checked out to make sure they are friendly, helpful and caring, so that you feel safe. 

We make sure you are safe on any school trips by getting lots of adults to go with you, checking them out, knowing the place you are going and what it is like, thinking about special ways to make sure you are extra safe whilst out of school.

Mr. Houghton and Mrs. Selden check this for every visit.


Here are some other useful contacts if you are worried: