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Year 6 WC 20.9.21 Parenthesis

Year 6 WC 20.9.21 Can you identify the features of an explanation text? Tuesday

Year 6 WC 20.9.21 Composition/ Writing Monday

Year 6- WC 20.9.21- Can you make this fact file look more interesting? Create a poster/double page spread about the circulatory system.

Year 6 - WC 20th Maths

Year 6 - WC 20th Reading Comprehension - Choose text 1, 2 or 3. Parents- the answers are at the bottom!

Year 6 - WC 20th Arithmetic

Week commencing 16.11.20

We are looking at creating a newspaper article. Use the WAGOLL and see if you can change the highlighted features to your own.

Previous weeks work below:

Worksop Heritage trail writing task

Information Text


Research information about an animal you are interested in.

In class, we have been learning about the Great White Shark and have done our own research about lions, orcas, polar bears and many more.

We looked at their appearance, habitat and adaptations, as well as found some interesting facts about them. 


We would like you to create an information text about your chosen animal. 

Remember to include the following:

- a bold title

- subheadings 

- writing features such as: alliterations, de:de sentences, 3 good/bad dash sentences

- pictures