Curriculum statement

Curriculum intent statement


Our whole school visions and values statement says:


By working together in partnership, we strive to:

Create and develop a strong community, both locally and globally, in which everyone feels valued, safe and able to achieve their full potential;

Present and explore possibilities to inspire growth and aspiration;

Ensure children show P.R.I.D.E. in all they do

and grow to become

risk takers

mistake makers

independence seekers


committed lifelong learners



Our curriculum is designed to fulfil these aims and create meaningful and lasting learning experiences in order to develop the whole child and allow them to identify and build upon their unique place in the world. We view reading as the underpinning essential skill which is woven through our curriculum and intent.


Building a strong community is vital for our children in order for them to understand a wider context in relating to people who are different to them and will provide a stepping stone in raising awareness of other lifestyles and building aspiration for success from whatever starting point. We combine local involvement and knowledge building through reading in particular, with developing learning in a national context, as well as broadening understanding of the wider world and beyond. We affirm that working and learning together is vital to build social and cultural cohesion.


Exploring possibilities allows aspirational thinking to be reinforced and is woven both in and beyond the classroom, through a range of experiences and opportunities to learn and use new knowledge, in addition to building cultural capital, which pupils can then use in all aspects of their life, both now and in the future, as active and positive participants in society. We support and enable children to use their reading skills to contribute to exploring and building ambition and aspiration.


Developing P.R.I.D.E. (positivity, respect, independence, determination and excellence) draws all aspects of our curriculum and school values together. These values underpin our whole curriculum and expectations from the earliest beginnings, so that learning in all areas can be built on and reinforced and so learners have the desire to aspire to more and have the self-confidence, self-belief, means and understanding of how to achieve that, and can communicate this, articulately using ideas and vocabulary built using their wider reading.



Curriculum implementation



Our curriculum is organised into termly topics which weave together key activities, meeting both the National Curriculum expectations and reinforcing threshold concepts across the years, with key milestones that build on development year by year. Opportunities for learning essential skills founded on reading are woven through the curriculum on a continuous basis.


We plan for developing key vocabulary in each term, as well as defining ‘sticky knowledge’ and using identified key texts to support and underpin the learning. We ask key questions and plan for a range of shared learning outcomes to give our learning purpose.

We are beginning to develop how we continually assess how effective learning has been and the impact it has had on future development, through quizzes, poster activities, presentations and other shared learning outcomes.

Curriculum teams focus on developing and monitoring the planning and delivery of the curriculum across the school, building vocabulary banks, and looking at planned cyclic revisitation opportunities.