This week we have been remembering our trip to Creswell Craggs and writing a recount of our visit. Can you write your own recount about our visit? In case you have forgotten some of the activities, we did here are some reminders:

We went to Creswell Craggs on Tuesday 7th September.

We split into four groups - Hyena, Wolf, Reindeer and Bison. Can you remember which group you were in?

While we were there we did -

Survival skills- built shelters using wood, fur and leather, and learnt all about how to make a fire.

Hunted Bison - we had a go at throwing our spears to catch the sleeping bison.

Cave Tour - we explored the caves.

Museum - we looked around the museum and then tried to recreate different animal skeletons.

Gorge walk - we walked around the lake and looked in all the different caves.


In your writing, don't forget to write about how you felt. What was your favourite part and why?


We are looking forward to reading all about it!