Chestnut Class

This week in art we produced some Gaudi inspired tiles. The children had been working up to this session, learning the various skills they needed. The paper versions are what we made a couple of weeks ago to inspire our clay ones.

This week in Science we have been looking at different parts of a flower and their functions. In order to really understand the different parts we dissected real flowers so we could see the actual parts in person.

We started our new unit of work on Gaudi today in Art. We looked at some of his work and attempted to recreate some of the mosaic patterns he created with tiles.

Today we started our athletics lessons in PE. Todays focus was on 'running for speed'. We were working on understanding how important it is to take up a good starting position and how to develop aa good sprinting style.

We have been using our computer skills to create Egyptian knowledge organisers to showcase all of the facts that we haven learnt about Egyptians. This was the first time we had created anything in PowerPoint but the children soon got the hang of it. Efficiently adding and moving items and resizing where needed.

In Science we carried out an experiment to see how food travels through our digestive system. It was an incredibly messy and smelly experiment but great fun was had by all.

In our PE lessons we are practising our over and underarm throwing in order to help us pass the ball effectively during team games.

Photos taken during Egyptian Day in Chestnut Class during our mummification ceremony and whilst creating Egyptian necklaces.

In RE this week we looked at the question 'What is a shrine?' We used an image of an Hindu shrine to carry out a reading images exercise to answer the following questions: What can we see? What can't we see? How does it make you feel? We also recorded any questions we wanted answered.

Photos from our first gymnastics lesson with Hannah. The children really enjoyed the session and copied Hannah's step by step actions very well.

This morning in music we had some Halloween fun. We had to follow the moving bone on screen and play our boomwhackers at the appropriate time in order to create a melody.

This half term we have been working with Denise in PE practising our volleyball skills. Our favourite warm up was when Mrs Siegertsz and Denise were on and had to try and get us all out.

This half term in Science we have been looking at electricity. In todays lesson we started off by recapping our knowledge of electrical circuits before investigating insulating and conducting materials.

Practising our football skills on the field one Autumnal morning.

Our first music lesson of the year with Matt working on rhythm.

Still image for this video

Today we were fortunate to be visited by Scott who brought some traditional fairground games to share with us. We had a fantastic time having a go on each of the games.

Chestnut classroom