Cedar Class

We went outside in science yesterday to measure the distance of the planets from the Sun. The two groups worked really well together to correctly measure the distances. We obviously used a much smaller scale so that we could fit onto our school field!

We conducted another science experiment this week. We were trying to find out whether reducing the surface area of an object would make it fall faster or slower. Our predictions were correct, the ball of paper fell the fastest meaning that a smaller surface area reduced air resistance and made it fall faster.

This afternoon, we have been exploring different kinds of emotions. We hadn't heard of some of the words before: optimistic, elated and resigned. We discussed each of the emotions and then found similar words (synonyms) before putting them in order of intensity. Our last activity was to look at different scenarios and think about how that person might feel. 'The girl has just received her 25m swimming badge' We said that the girl could be thrilled, excited or even tired.

We have designed our Greek comedy and tragedy masks and here we are in the first stages of creating them

This week, we looked at different starting positions. We found that the starting position used by professional athletes in the Olympics dramatically reduced our times.

This weeks music lesson was a very loud one! We now understand the terms rhythm, pulse and ostinato

We are currently on a Zoom call with one of the presenters from Newsround. We try to watch Newsround each day so it is very exciting! We are waiting to ask our question, ‘Who inspired you to become a journalist and which qualifications do you need?’

Graffiti: art or vandalism?

What a great World Book Day! We began the day by listening to our story called ‘The Journey Home’. It was so lovely to read to both those at home and those at school. Throughout the day, we have taken part in lots of activities: sharing our favourite books, designing new front covers, writing different endings, building dens, turning stories into poems and so much more. Who thinks we should wear PJs every day?

We had so much fun this morning with Mr Motivator. He made sure that we were motivated and ready for the week.

Here are a few ways to keep your mind healthy and happy...

Our incredible 'double page spreads'- Anglo-Saxons, famous Victorians and the circulatory system

Here is our Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired artwork completed by the children at home. Can you spot any familiar faces? It was very difficult to draw without taking our pencil off and without looking at our paper!

Santa Dash

This afternoon, we have been looking at adding tone to our botanical illustrations. We cannot wait to share our finished pieces.

In art this week, we are using pen and ink to recreate Worksop landmarks. Some of us are using watercolours; others have chosen a black and white theme. We cannot wait to show everyone the final pieces. 

In PE, we are doing athletics and we began by looking at the correct starting technique for running. Here are a few pictures of our warm up 🏃‍♀️

Cedar's displays - well done everyone!

This half term, we have been learning all about Worksop. In these photos, you can see us ordering events that happened in our town over the last few centuries.

Look at our concentrating faces! We have loved our music sessions this half term.

We were lucky enough to have Denise for PE during our first half term. We learned the skills needed in a game of football. Here are a few photos from our sessions.

I have a dream...

We had a fantastic start to the new school year. A special visitor joined us to talk to us about things that had been in the news recently. She discussed Black Lives Matter, which linked to the work that we had been doing on Martin Luther King. We produced beautiful artwork and changed Martin Luther King's speech into a poem. They are icredible!

Cedar classroom