Who's Who

Head Teacher - Mrs. L. Selden


Deputy Head Teacher - Mr. S. Houghton

Deputy Head Teacher - Miss. S. Baldwin 

Foundation Stage Team 


FS1 Teacher -  Miss. A. Oakley

FS2 Teacher - Mrs S. Smedley

FS2 Teacher - Miss D. Huxley-Worn


KS1 Team 


Year 1 Class Teacher - Miss. L. Cadman

Year 1 Class Teacher - Miss. C. Howe

Year 2 Class Teacher - Mr. A. Giugno

Year 2 Class Teacher - Mrs. L. Siegertsz / Mrs T. Smith

LKS2 Team


Year 3 Class Teacher - Mrs. S. Hanna

Year 3 Class Teacher - Mr. R. Littler

Year 4 Class Teacher - Mrs. E. Hutson

Year 4 Class Teacher - Miss. L. Peach

Year 4 Class Teacher - Mr J. Baines


UKS2 Team


Year 5 Class Teacher - Mrs K. Peters and Mrs M. Tawlks

Year 5 Class Teacher - Miss. N. Ishaq

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mrs N. Lynam and Mrs J. Fearnley

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mr. M. Walker


Teaching Assistants 


Teaching Assistant - Mrs. L. Hutchinson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. B. May

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. K. Parker

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. J. Smith

Teaching Assistant - Miss. R. Shepard

Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Leader - Mrs M. Forshaw

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. H. Blades

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. S. Priestley

Teaching Assistant - Miss. D. Exley

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. J. Parry 

Teaching Assistant - Miss. E. Jones

Teaching Assistant apprentice - Miss. D. Beaton


Support Assistant/Breakfast Club Supervisor/Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs T. Howard

Support Assistant/Breakfast Club Supervisor - Mrs. M. Sanderson

Support Assistant - Mrs. N. Houghton


School Inclusion Manager - Miss. S. Hayes

EAL Teaching Assistant - Mrs. M. Krzyzewska

Family Liaison - Mrs. C. Richardson

Family Liaison - Mrs. T. Coupland


Office Staff


Business Manager - Mrs. R. Burgin


Administrative Assistant - Mrs. C. Spencer

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. K. Slatter

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. A. Cannings

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. L. Herbert

Site Staff


Site Manager - Mrs. J. Medlam

Caretaker - Mr. D. Medlam


Cook - Mrs J. Denyer

Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner - Mrs. L. Adams

Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner - Mrs. M. Storey


Cleaner - Mrs. S. Storey

Cleaner - Mrs. S. McCarthy

Cleaner - Mrs. S. Morris

Cleaner - Mrs. T. Pimperton

Midday Supervisors


Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs. L. Ward

Midday Supervisor - Miss. S. Booth

Midday Supervisor - Mrs. C. Allison

Midday Supervisor - Mrs. C. Baines

Midday Supervisor - Miss. A. Hale

Midday Supervisor - Mrs. C. Hill

Midday Supervisor - Mrs. K. Osman

Midday Supervisor/Administrative Assistant - Miss. J. Gregory

Midday Supervisor/Support Assistant - Mrs. S. Millns

Midday Supervisor/Cleaner - Mrs. J. Haxton

Midday Supervisor/ Breakfast Club Supervisor - Mrs. D. Wood

Midday Supervisor/ Breakfast Club Supervisor - Mrs. L.  Major