Cooking Club Recipes

Comments from children at cooking club – What they liked making the most

Sienna - I liked making the Waffles and made them again at home

Isabella - I loved making the pancakes

My two favourites were the quiches and the other was the pancakes

Sienna – I loved Macie’s Grandma’s Italian pasta recipe

Macie – I liked the pasta and waffles

I liked the quiches

Cassie loved everything.

There are lots of easy recipes that you learn that you can do at home

Eleanor loved all of them

Gabriela – Loved the waffles and the pancakes



Advice for next group.

Keep your hair out of the way with a bobble.  Always bring a tub. Keep your hands clean.

New things that Ive tried that I thought I didn’t like but loved

Liily Rose – The lemon juice on pancakes

Lexie May – Spanish tortilla

Macie – Quiche

Cassie –pancakes

Eleanor – Quiche

Gabriela – the pancakes with lemon

Sienna – the waffles

Jasmin – Mickey Mouse waffles.


If you could make anything that we didn’t make what would it be

Donuts                                 Brownies

Cupcakes                             Cookies

Carrot cake


Toffee apples

Gingerbread men

Cooking Club Group 1

Vanilla Waffle Recipe